Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long awaited update

I must apologize, because my intentions upon starting this blog was to update it more frequently than I do now. It turns out having twins is a lot of work...who would have thought? We have been doing very well despite the chronic sleep deprivation. It is funny how fast your body (and mind) gets accustomed to change. Having twins means having to rely on keeping up with a basic routine. The girls' original due date was Thursday, February 25th. It is very strange to think that they have been in the world for over two months now. It is hard to believe that my inpatient stay, and the twins' NICU experience ever happened! They keep me very busy and overjoyed. We had our pediatrician appointment this morning. Sophia weighed 8lb 14oz and Cecilia weighed 9lb 1oz and were both 21 inches. The doctor said that they were in the 90th percentile for their age and that was on a normal, full term infant scale. They have gained about two pounds in two weeks when Sophia weighed 7lb 1oz and Cecilia 7lb 4oz. Sophia had her second hearing appointment, and she passed with flying colors. They both had their eye appointment last week. It was a difficult appointment, because the procedure was uncomfortable for the girls. They are both near sighted, and the doctor said they should come back when they are about 15 months old. It is an amazing and beautiful experience raising twins. We have quickly learned the art of multitasking and patience. Fortunately, the girls maintain a very similar sleeping and eating schedule. They are both staying awake for longer periods of time. It is an incredible feeling when their big, gorgeous eyes are looking up at you. They try to lift their heads up a lot, and they are getting really good at it. They seem to really like music, and I play it often for them. Although they look very much alike, Tim and I are able to easily tell them apart. The differences in their personality is very apparent. Sophia is a little more independent on her own, and Cecilia is a force to be reckoned with. I have added some newer photos, and I will try to keep a better update!

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