Friday, October 23, 2009

22 Week Appointment

Tim and I went to our 22 week appointment and ultrasound today. I was of course fairly anxious to see the girls and check on their status. They were so much bigger than four weeks ago! Baby A (Sophia) was 1 lb with a heart beat of 149 bpm and Baby B (Cecilia) was 1 lb 1 oz with heart beat of 158 bmp. I was slightly concerned over the difference in heart rates, but the doctor assured me that it was not uncommon. They were very active so it took the ultrasound technician a few minutes to check on the cords, but the doctor also said the cords looked great. This was such a relief to hear, because I had been worrying about it a lot lately. We were able to get a good shot of Baby B's (Cecilia) face which was beautiful! Unfortunately, Baby A (Sophia) was shy today and was interested in mom's back so we weren't able to see her face. Hopefully next time she will be more photogenic. It was decided for certain that I would be admitted in two weeks on November 6 for inpatient monitoring, which bring on a whole different set of concerns. We are trying to get as much as we can organized before I "move in" to the hospital for two months. I find it amazing that my mind and body is able to process so many things at once!

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  1. I'm so proud of you! Those girls mean so much to me already. I cried when I saw Cecilia's face. She's so pretty already! I'm going to be a total wreck without you so expect me to visit at least twice a week with someone or another. I love you!