Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 5

So I have made it to day five! I am slowly settling in a routine that makes the days seem a bit less monotonous and easier to get through. I miss Tim a lot, and I know that the adjustment is difficult for him too, but we want what is best for our daughters. As they say the end justifies the means! It is funny how the simple luxuries in life are what you look forward to when you are confined to the bed for most of the day. I absolutely pine for my shower in the morning! It makes me feel human and refreshed. I also look forward to my meals (yes I'm getting accustomed to the hospital food), simply because they come at the same time everyday and helps split up the day. Each shift I have been here I have had a different nurse so I am getting to know the staff here well. The women are all very nice, and their dedication to my babies' well-being is incredible. Everyday one of my doctors check in with me and let me know how they think the girls are doing and the consensus thus far has been good! Even the nurses say that they are doing well for 24 weeks gestation. Despite some of the frustration of having the monitors on almost constantly, there is a certain level of reassurance that being able to hear their heart beats bring. Up until the hospital admission I was always worried about how they were doing and now much of that concern has been lifted from my shoulders. I can say without a doubt in my mind that this is the most challenging obstacle I have ever had to face. I'm learning so much about myself, and I have a lot of time to reflect on my past and plan for my future. I will continue to post pictures as I have them. I don't know for sure what day my next ultrasound is, but I am very excited to see them and find out their weights. Thank you to everyone who is thinking and praying for my family. It means a lot that so many people are supporting us through this journey!


  1. Try to take this time to accomplish something positive. Thinking reflecting and planning are a good thing. Read something you always wanted to read, learn something you always wanted to learn. Thats what I would recommend.

  2. A bunch of Lutherans in Goshen, Indiana are praying for you guys :) If they could bring you casseroles, they would. LOL

    Do they let you up to exercise? I hope so!!

    - Sarah