Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 1 of Inpatient Stay

Tim and I got to the hospital this afternoon, and I must say that I am slightly overwhelmed by everything so far. I was not exactly sure what to expect, but I have learned that I will have the heart monitors on almost 24/7. With the exception of taking showers I am bound to the bed with belts around my belly tracing the girls and their heartbeats. They have already started making things difficult for the nurses (and myself to be quite honest) by moving around quite a bit. Tim and I have discovered so far that Baby A (Sophia) is far better behaved than Baby B (Cecilia). While Sophia generally stays in her designated area (which is wedged up by my right hip bone), Cecilia is a little acrobat with an attitude. It will be interesting to watch these babies carefully and see how their personalities develop along with their little bodies. Everyone so far has been very nice to me here, and although this is bound to be a big adjustment for me, it will be easier with the staff that is here to support me and the babies. Tim is staying with me this weekend which is also very helpful to sort of ease me into this new living experience. I received the first dose of steroids this evening and will get another dose tomorrow. I don't like needles, so this was not fun for me. We got the chance to talk to one of my doctors today, it was nice to see him. While the girls are still so small, the monitoring will be a very difficult process for nurses and me. They informed me that they would be in about every half hour to hour all night, every night until they are bigger and can't move around so much. I suppose that this will help me practice for the sleepless nights I'm sure to have in the near future. I will continue to update as I get news and also as I need to be prepared!


  1. How big are they?


  2. Is the bed rest an automatic thing for momo pregnancies? It does sound stressful and comforting to me at least that the nurses and doctors seem to be on the ball about keeping you and my little nieces safe. Do you know how long you and the girls will have to be in the hospital after they are born? And when is the day you're scheduled to have them? I will def. be there the day they are born!!
    I love how you can already see their personalities! I look at their pictures alot and think Cecilia looks alot like you and her aunt Michelle.

    -Shel D.

  3. Yes it is a life experience. That is the way to deal with such things. It must be comforting to know they are watching you and your babies so closely. I know it will be difficult to lie there day after day. A couple weeks is hard enough as I recall. Keep us posted and feel free to vent.

  4. You can vent anytime. One baby is sometimes a challenge, but two and having to stay in bed for monitoring is a lot of "down time". Try to get some rest while you can.

    Yes, did the docs provide you with more info. and I am glad to know that their personalities are starting to show! LOVE YOU GG

  5. Robyn & Tim,

    I've been thinking about you since my calendar alarm went off to remind me the "day" had come for you to enter your new "apartment" till the girls arrive.

    When you are ready for company, please post or let me know through Lavonne. I would love to come visit.

    Hugs to both of you. Post some pictures of your "accomodations" and your nurses. I know some of the ... Have you had Joy yet?


  6. Hi Robyn...wanted to tell you that our church is praying for you, the girls, & Tim...
    You are experiencing motherhood rather early...usually the care and concern for our babies begins at birth...but you have an opportunity to care for them even before they are born...Pretty awesome....Thinking of you...

  7. We are praying for you guys also. That's amazing that they monitor the heartbeats 24/7! At least you don't have to worry anymore if they're OK! Cecilia sounds like a character already :)

    - Sarah

  8. Your girls sound like mine! Baby A is the one that stays on for monitoring for us and Baby B is my rambunctious girl. We haven't settled on names yet....we have a list but haven't committed yet....should probably get on that.